Want to Change Locks in Greenville, SC?

Change Locks Greenville SC

Searching for a locksmith who’s able to change locks at your house or office in the Greenville, SC area? If you do, you are in the right place! We’ve been providing lock replacement services to residents and business owners all over the Greenville metropolitan area since 2004. Lucky for you, once we get the details of the job we’re pretty FAST.. We can send a technician to your location to perform any lock changing task at affordable price!

$19 Residential Security Inspection!

Not sure about some of your older locks? You can have one of Greenville, SC lock replacing experts pay you a visit for only $19! Yes, it’s true. Nowadays, you can have a technician come over even if you aren’t sure that you wish to change locks at your property. First, he will perform a security inspection at your home. Then he’ll let you know about any security breaches (if there are any) like loose door handles or broken locks. When the inspection is complete, the mobile technician will give you a final prices for the parts and labor into question. So don’t think twice! When you wonder if it’s necessary to change locks on your home, contact a Greenville’s lock service service of choice.

Repair or Change Locks in Greenville SC

Customers call to ask if it’s possible to repair broken locks instead of changing them on a daily basis.. With the right lock service providers in Greenville, SC on your side, you don’t need to change locks any time there’s a problem. One of our team members can inspect your particular problem in a jiffy and let you know what needs to be done on-site. We invested in long-time training for our lock smiths just for situations like this. They can actually lower the price of the final bill by repairing the locks rather than having a professional change them all together!

Commercial Lock Replacement Services

Even though most of our work focus on the residential part of the community, our crew can change locks at your office, store or warehouse too! We are fully equipped with commercial locks and tools of various kinds to perform any business lock change you may need! Our security masters in Greenville, SC can do it all! From high-tech door lock replacements to combination lock installations, there is no challenge too big for us to take on. Please contact us at (864) 305-5816 to find out more..

You Can Change Locks 24 Hours a Day!

Naturally, most people can’t commit to staying home and waiting for a tech during the day.. That’s why we offer 24-hour support when it comes to urgent matters like the safety of your loved ones. As professionals that replace locks in Greenville after hours (6PM-6AM), we take jobs within 18 mile radius of our location! So whether you’re in need to install a new door lock at your office in Taylors,  repair the deadbolt at your Mauldin, SC house, or change locks at your estate in Greenville, you’re welcome to give us a call today!

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